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"Verge has been a business partner since 2006. I can always count on Verge to understand our network environment and to make product and service recommendations that enable us to either solve the IT issue at hand or to enhance our existing infrastructure."

Sonic Solutions
Vice President of IT

Company Overview

On the Verge of Network IT & Security Solutions

Located in San Jose, California, Verge provides solutions and services to assist your enterprise in all aspects of IT and network security. We represent both established brands and emerging technical solutions, and can provide the perfect solution for your business. From the initial consultation and product installation, to technology lifestyle assessments and long-term data storage, Verge can transform your IT and security network needs into a strategic corporate asset.

Verge understands that your company's IT needs are changing at a faster pace than most internal IT departments can match. The demands on data must be met with real-time solutions, making it more critical than ever to be on the forefront of leading advancements in IT and network securities. Our specialized knowledge and skills in a growing list of advanced and diverse technologies means we have the ability to foresee risks and network “growing pains” before they become an issue, thus protecting you from critical gaps in your defenses, while offering cost-effective solutions with the right ROI.

Our product portfolio is comprised of the best enterprise technology available, enabling a layered approach between security, storage, networking, and wireless LAN.  For more information about specific services, please browse the subjects below.