"Our security posture has improved and our outside auditors recently gave us a big thumbs-up on our last review."

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Firewall Assessments

Strengthen the baseline of your security.

Firewalls are the first line of defense in an organization’s IT infrastructure yet they may not be getting regular attention to ensure they are not providing a false sense of security. Gartner has stated that more than 99% of firewall breaches are configuration related and not due to flaws in the devices themselves. Most organizations are too short-staffed to perform consistent assessments of their firewalls, or to analyze if they should be looking to leverage more features of newer firewalls. An assessment will assist an organization to identify any risks to their secured environment due to placement or configuration, excessive and redundant rules, or human errors. Some benefits from Verge’s analysis include:

  • Creating and validating a baseline for your security

  • Improved management of firewall complexity

  • Lower cost of compliance despite an increase in auditing requirements

  • Automation of labor-intensive processes and reduced risk

  • Instantly validate proposed changes and provide impact analysis on compliance and audit requirements

Verge’s team of security professionals have extensive experience across all of the leading firewall brands including Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, and Fortinet. Our firewall services include:

Firewall Policy and Architecture Assessment: Analyze and optimize the rule base and assess the technical and administrative controls that are currently in place to support and operate the target firewall devices. Verge’s expert will compare the architecture and operational deployment of your firewall infrastructure to industry best practices.

Firewall Migration Assistance: Validate and optimize the configuration of existing devices prior to upgrading or migrating to new devices to ensure the rule base is as secure and efficient as possible.

Firewall Change Management: Using automated tools, Verge audits rules as periodic or real-time checks for compliance with corporate policy. We can generate a number of reports that can be used to improve your firewall’s performance.

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