"We had some performance issues moving data across the WAN so we were contemplating an increase in our circuit size. Verge suggested we might benefit from WAN optimization technology and that we should evaluate this technology before investing in the increased circuit size. We did the evaluation and determined that implementing WAN optimization a high performance and cost effective solution."

Northern California Medical Billing Company
Jon D., IT Operations Manager

Storage Solutions

The right balance between capacity, performance, and cost.

No two companies have the same storage requirements, but they all must justify capital equipment expenditures as data storage needs continue to expand.  In the past, when storage capacity was running out, the IT manager simply bought more disks to add more capacity.  But in a tight economy, IT managers no longer have a blank check to solve increasing storage demands.

The challenge today is to find the right balance between available usable storage capacity, performance, and cost.  That is why we believe yesterday’s storage solutions won’t fit today’s demands, and newer solutions utilizing disruptive technology is needed to help you find the right balance.

Verge has partnered with new companies in the storage industry who have taken a forward-thinking approach to the market’s needs and emerging technologies. Contact us today to learn more about these exciting new solutions.

Case Studies
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Nimble Offered Higher Storage Efficiency With Simplified Management and Replication Technology As An Added Bonus