"Our new facility came equipped with existing UPS and generator which local authorities advised our generator would not pass the permitting process. We had approached Verge to obtain pricing on a new generator. While most vendors would simply provide the requested pricing, Verge instead took the extra effort to research and obtain the OEM spec to prove our existing generator did meet the local permit requirements. Verge saved us the cost of a new generator, about $70k."

innoPath Software
Steve Winter, IT Director

Solutions Overview

Solutions to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Protecting your sensitive corporate data and complying with regulatory requirements is both a business necessity and, at times, an IT challenge. Our solution experts are knowledgable in a diverse range of security and network technologies, and can guide your company with to right enterprise solutions for your situation. Our offerings include:

Data Governance

Ensure your data only reaches the right person, in the right role, in the right context. Our software solutions provide need-to-know access that you can control by role and user, and will protect your data to corporate standards.


Verge’s diverse networking portfolio provides you with such network foundations as routing and switching, as well as giving you access to emerging technologies like network visualization, a tool that adds virtual ports to your network on the fly.

Network Security Infrastructure

Our best-in-class security gives you the latest in firewall, malware, and antivirus protection. In real time, see an attack on your firewall, control suspicious activities, and quarantine Trojan horses.


Servers are the working horse of your storage solutions. We offer smaller servers by the top brands that are faster and more energy efficient than ever before, saving you both time and money.

Storage Solutions

Transition your backup away from expensive physical media, and start saving money by using cloud-based solutions. Our solutions can also assist in data recovery after a distaster or for use in forensics case analysis.

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