"During a non-related business discussion we mentioned our legacy SAN equipment needed to be replaced and that we were evaluating current product options. Verge noted that we had overlooked one major SAN solution provider. At their suggestion we evaluated the product, talked to the OEM’s customer references and determined that this solution was the best fit for our requirements."

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Sr. Network Engineer

Services Overview

Transform your IT needs into a strategic corporate asset.

Through strategic partnerships with best in class service providers, Verge Technologies has the expertise required to give your company a strategic advantage in all your information security needs. We specialize in network architectural design, firewall assessment, and security posture reviews, in addition to post-sales product implementation assistance. Browse a more comprehensive description of our services by clicking on one of the subjects below. 

Firewall Assessments

A network firewall should never be installed, configured, and then forgotten. Our comprehensive assessment will identify any risks to your secure environment, and take into account such variables as company policies, plans for future growth, and emerging technologies.

Technology Lifecycle Assessments

Take a snapshot of the equipment in your network, and determine if it has the ability to meet your current and future needs. We look at the set-up of your infrastructure, including the elements of your storage, security, and policies, to make sure your tools don’t become your chokepoints.

Security Posture Review

Measure your risk potential with this thorough inspection of your company’s security. Verge acts a third-party auditor, assessing such variables as data access, patch management adn configuration practices, and remote access related to how employees login at home or while traveling. Our goal is to put you in the securest possible position.

Network Architectural Design & Review

Map your entire network with this review of existing layouts and infrastructures, as well as an appraisal of plans for future growth of your network. Before merging an existing network with your own, feel secure knowing the strength of their current IT design, and identify all possible access points into existing networks.

For additional methods to improve your company’s IT and security networks, please visit Verge Solutions.