"During a non-related business discussion we mentioned our legacy SAN equipment needed to be replaced and that we were evaluating current product options. Verge noted that we had overlooked one major SAN solution provider. At their suggestion we evaluated the product, talked to the OEM’s customer references and determined that this solution was the best fit for our requirements."

Credit Union
Sr. Network Engineer

Technology Lifecycle Assessments

Optimize your IT investment.

Today’s network plays a vital role in supporting the company’s mission. Increasingly complex, the network has become a strategic asset that, if deployed properly, can improve the company’s business processes and overall performance. The network can also present a challenge due to its diverse technological make-up consisting of wireless LAN, storage networking, voice and security. Providing the most flexible and functional network infrastructure possible can test your IT Department’s resources. Staff with specialized knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the ongoing health of the network may not be available, or the individual network devices may not scale to meet the company’s increasing business needs.

Some challenges include:
  • Incomplete or inaccurate representation of the current assets deployed throughout the company.
  • Managing the specific device lifecycle to understand how to prioritize product upgrades, replacements, or decommissions.

  • Maintenance and support for devices may not be easy to track and may be more costly than necessary.

  • Variations of configuration between same devices could exist and cause security risks.

  • Vulnerabilities in devices due to known vendor bugs may not have been remediated.

Verge’s team of experts can perform a Technology Lifecycle Assessment of your network to assist you in enhancing your business value and return on investment. We can help you identify areas of concern and provide a roadmap to optimize your IT investment.

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