"Our new facility came equipped with existing UPS and generator which local authorities advised our generator would not pass the permitting process. We had approached Verge to obtain pricing on a new generator. While most vendors would simply provide the requested pricing, Verge instead took the extra effort to research and obtain the OEM spec to prove our existing generator did meet the local permit requirements. Verge saved us the cost of a new generator, about $70k."

innoPath Software
Steve Winter, IT Director

Security Posture Review

Identify and control your current IT security risks.

According to the United Nations and CRN, Cybercrime is now a $2 trillion annual business that represents 15 percent of the global production of goods and services.  Every year the criminals hone their skills and tools to become more adept at penetrating computer systems and stealing corporate secrets.  Is your company also making the equivalent investment in its security posture?  

Active testing and assessments of your critical systems and data is the best method to identify security holes and configuration issues, while maintaining system integrity and flexibility.  The larger the organization, the more sophisticated the integrated systems, or diverse the skills needed for maintaining and securing them, the more problematic the task.  Regular audits and assessments of your systems can facilitate and validate adherence to corporate security policies and/or agreed upon security best practices.

Verge’s security posture assessment provides a complete view of your current IT security risk profile against industry standard risk indices of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Audit.  This assessment provides an objective and quantitative analysis resulting from a vulnerability scan along with a workshop conducted with key stakeholders from multiple departments who we will interview with questions based on a set of ISO 27002 controls.  The information gathered is analyzed by Verge’s project consultant to determine your organization’s residual risk and current maturity level.  Verge will provide an executive overview and detailed report findings as well as a set of procedural, technical and policy control recommendations.  With the information derived from our assessment our customers are able to make informed decisions about immediate priorities as well as strategic business plans to improve security, determine return on investment and manage risk by:

  • Supporting decisions based on a detailed analysis of technology risk
  • Identifying and addressing inconsistencies in technology deployment, processes and security controls
  • Creating "what if" scenarios and simulations before controls and projects are implemented
  • Perform comparative analysis that highlight the differences across locations, systems, functions or processes
  • Providing a detailed Return on Security Investment (ROSI) to justify the prioritization of implementing solutions.

As a component of our executive debriefing, Verge will work with your key stakeholders within your organization to determine the next steps for how to achieve the desired state of risk and build a strategy for practical, cost effective and measurable improvements. Contact us to learn more.